Things to Remember in Your Business Card Design

It is not just about your contact details. It is also a reflection of your company and your business.

Being in business, you can’t help but to look presentable and convincing to prospective clients. Even your business card design matters to the clients. In the business card, it is not just about your contact details. It is also a reflection of your company and your business. It is where your logo lies. You are offering the prospective clients an opportunity to do business with you. This goes to say that your business card style should be made in a way that convinces and showcase your business to the client.

Business Card as a Contact Detail

There are two major purpose of the business card. One is to provide your details as a prospective business partner or as an important contact. Second, is to provide a reflection of the company or the enterprise that you present. For the first reason, you need to ensure that you do not only have attractive business card design. You should also have the following data in your business card:

Name of the company and Logo – You should have the name of your company next to your logo. The logo is an indication of formality that your enterprise does exist. Even if you personally make the business card, you should be sure that you have a logo on it as well as your company name.

 Name of the representative – Even though you are thinking of giving out your business card to those who already know you, its important that you place your name. After all, this is idea of the business card. It is used to tell the receiver your name and who you are in the company.

Contact details – This is another good reason why business cards are made in the first place. It provides the contact information to the clients about where and how they can contact you. Your landline number and mobile phone number should be reflected on the business card.

Websites and email – It is important that if you have a website, it should be promoted in the business card. By doing so, you are giving an opportunity for the prospect to browse over your site and know more about your business as a whole. Your email address will also be an immediate contact data whenever your prospect feels the need to communicate to you online.

 Motto – If you have a company motto, you can also place it in the business card. The motto serves as promotional words to convince prospects about how you business.


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